Hi, I'm Harsh, and

my full name is actually Harshil (pronounced Har-SHEEL), an Indian name meaning "Joy" or "Joyful."


Hi, I'm Harsh, and my family is originally from Hyderabad, India, although truthfully, I haven't spent much time there. I was born in New York, learned how to walk in New Jersey, spent almost the entirety of my adolescence in the Philippines, and then made a return to the United States first by attending college in Boston, MA, then by moving to Chicago, IL, and now - Milwaukee, WI. 

Hi, I'm Harsh, and I say all this because as a third culture kid I am fundamentally curious about the world and have been on an ongoing search for 'home.'  

Hi, I'm Harsh, and I'm passionate about evaluating and reimagining the United States housing system. 

Hi, I'm Harsh, and I want to innovate better systems that allow people to thrive and not merely survive.

Hi, I'm Harsh, and I'm so happy to be here.