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Harsh J. Gagoomal - Headshot (2024).jpg

Hi, I'm Harsh, and

my full name is Harshil (pronounced Har-SHEEL), an Indian name meaning "Joy" or "Joyful."


Hi, I'm Harsh, and while my family is originally from Hyderabad, India, I was born in New York and grew up in the Philippines. I have since lived in Boston, Milwaukee, and Chicago.

Hi, I'm Harsh, and I say all this because I am a third culture kid on an ongoing search for "home."  

Hi, I'm Harsh, and growing up, I never saw superheroes that reflected my skin tone, culture, and life experience, so I decided to become one myself. 

Hi, I'm Harsh, and my superpower is helping people be seen and heard. I do this through acting, directing, and writing.

Hi, I'm Harsh, and I am interested in how art can be used to question the status quo, imagine new realities, and inspire positive change.

Hi, I'm Harsh, and I value process over product, playful collaboration, and failing spectacularly over succeeding mediocrely.


Hi, I'm Harsh, and I'm so excited to meet you.  ​​

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