Hi, I'm Harsh, and

my full name is actually Harshil (pronounced Har-SHEEL), an Indian name meaning "Joy" or "Joyful."


Hi, I'm Harsh, and my family is originally from Hyderabad, India, although truthfully, I haven't spent much time there. I was born in New York, learned how to walk in New Jersey, spent almost the entirety of my adolescence in the Philippines, and then made a return to the United States first by attending college in Boston, MA and then by moving to Chicago, IL.  

Hi, I'm Harsh, and I say all this because as a third culture kid I am fundamentally curious about the world and have been on an ongoing search for 'home.' 

Hi, I'm Harsh, and I am a human interested in how theatre and other art forms can intersect with politics and be used to promote social justice. 

Hi, I'm Harsh, and I want to help others be seen and heard. A lot of my attention has been on working with individuals experiencing homelessness and sharing their stories. 

Hi, I'm Harsh, and I act, direct, write, and pursue whatever excites and challenges me. 

Hi, I'm Harsh, and  I value process over product, every.single.time. 

Hi, I'm Harsh, and I'm so happy to be here.